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Karen Craigie

  1. Safe And Sound - Jazzy Dale/Robby De Sa

  2. Something Like Love - Lucy Parle
  3. You (Only You) - Scott McCahon/Yolanda Thomas
  4. Bondi In The Sun - Melvyn Kidd
  5. Weight Of Feeling - Abbey Gardner
  1. Together We Belong - Christopher Mustica

  2. Gypsy Girl - Brendan Smoother
  3. When Your Light Burns - Chloe Styler/Fanny Lumsden
  4. Pistol In Her Pocket - Renee Jonas
  5. Left As Fast As You Came - Abbey Gardner
  1. Running On Empty - Sri Pishey

  2. The Broken Soldier - Carmello Cacciola
  3. Tricks - Adrian Darakai
  4. Privilege To Be Free - Justin Hart
  5. Sum#1 - Steffen Ehlers
  1. Till It Gets Done - Karen Craigie

  2. Sucker For Punnishment - Alex Tobin
  3. War Child - Abbey Gardner
  4. Hate This Town - Mike Dann
  5. High - Karen Craigie
  1. Ukulele Boogie Woogie - Elizabeth Usher

  2. Whatisname - Geoff Doherty
  3. Watching Cars - Suzanne Kinsella
  4. Macka Macka Boom - Peter Scully/Jean Scully
  5. Kid's Club - Stephen Kermode
  1. How Wonderful is Your Love - Olivia Corish

  2. When It All Comes Down To Love - Jacques Gentil
  3. Carry Me - Christopher Mustica
  4. In Your Hands - Linda Paris/Stefan Nowak
  5. Nothing But Joy - Olivia Corish
  1. Honey Be Good - Nicole McKinney
  2. Mountains of Gold - Karen Craigie

  3. Feels Like Home - Becci Nethery/David Carter
  4. After All - Abbey Gardner
  5. Something Like Love - Lucy Parle
  6. Tradewinds - Duncan Hill
  1. Kill Me Now - Karen Craigie

  2. Safe And Sound - Jazzy Dale/Robby De Sa
  3. I Used To Love You - Lucy Parle
  4. Broken - Tiffany Gow
  5. Leaving - James Shipstone/Carmelita Lees
  1. Something Like Love - Lucy Parle

  2. I'm Not Dreaming Anymore - Jordyn Richards
  3. Over my Head - Jazzy Dale
  4. Infinity War - Maddy Calcott
  5. My Baby Boy - TR|N|TY Walker

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2013 results

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  • U.S. based song publishing company Old Pants / New Pants Publishing will offer the writer(s) of one of the winning entries a song publishing contract, the details of which will be negotiated between the company and the writer(s) of the chosen song. inner announced at Awards 2015.
  • Big thanks to all our SPONSORS for their generous support. The prize pool is continuing to grow and as we are reinvesting the profits back into prizes will not be finalised until after entries have closed. If you'd like to donate a prize then we'd love to hear from you.

Workshop Info

Sydney Workshop Directors:

Paul, Shaun and James

Sydney workshops

1st Wednesday of the month

Camperdown Commons

31A Mallett St, Camperdown NSW

Bring lyrics x 10 if presenting
Sponsored by APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association

One of the best things you can do for your song, especially if you're almost finished, or have just recently finished it, is to bring it to a workshop.
Having your song listened to, and critiqued by fellow songwriters, often shows up elements which may need addressing, or extending. Sometimes, new ideas flow from the creative reactions to the song, and you find it benefits greatrly from having been given a hearing before finally committing it to recording.


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