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Songsalive! Australia monthly workshops are currently held online on the first Monday of the month from 7-10pm
All are welcome - Zoom ID:

Please join us, we look forward to hearing your original songs.
Hosted by Shaun Walker
ZOOM host Russell Neal

Songsalive! Australia online workshops


Bring your voice and guitar or keyboard and sing it live, or bring your CD or mp3 track, with some lyric sheets copies. Songwriters benefit from workshops, which provide an excellent forum within which they can air musical ideas.

Here is a brief run-down on a typical workshop.

Songsalive! Australia online workshops Our capable Workshop Directors will commence proceedings at around 7:00 pm, outlining the nature of the process to any visitors on the night.

Given that there may be upwards of 15 songs to be critiqued on any workshop night, our workshop director will keep tabs on the time taken discussing each, so as to allow for a fair amount of time to be spent on each song, and that the night doesnt run too late.
Attendees are asked to provide copies of the lyrics to songs submitted to be critiqued.

You can join now for $60 for a full years membership.

Guest Speakers / Presenters

As often as we can, Songsalive! Australia like to invite music industry representatives, especially those whose work interacts with areas pertaining to songwriting, to speak about, present or even host the workshop, with a view to educating songwriters as to the machinations of the Australian music industry, its position within the global industry, and how it affects them.

Songsalive! Australia

Workshop In The Mountains

Our annual songwriting retreat held at a venue in the Blue Mountains.
  • Tutorials
  • Seminars
  • Live performances
  • Group songwriting sessions
  • Networking
  • Industry professional facilitators
  • For songwriters of all ages
  • Covering two full days.
Workshop in the Mountains group 2019 Songsalive! Australia TSA

Monthly Workshop Guidelines

The following is a set of guidelines to help ensure that the workshops are efficient, worthwhile and fun for all attending.

  • Please bring around ten copies of your lyrics to hand out to attendees. Comments may be written on these sheets.
  • We suggest you put your name, copyright symbol and the date the song was written on your lyric sheet.
  • If you have a CD, check that it plays in a normal CD drive.
  • There are a lot of conventions and widely used formulas, but ultimately, creative choices are up to the songwriter's discretion.
  • When making a comment, try to be succinct and relevant.


Songsalive! Australia You've written a song. Now what?
Is there a hook? Do the words and music fit together?

When you're stuck for a word or an arrangement, coming to a Songsalive Australia workshop can be helpful and enriching.

Even though people write for many different reasons, in many different styles, and with varied levels of skill, they all want to write a song that satisfies their creative vision and can be appreciated by an audience.

At the workshops we endeavour to help songwriters do just that.

What else?
Every now and then we will have a guest speaker. It may be someone in the industry who has some skills, knowledge and experience to share with our songwriters. In the past, guest speakers have included producers, publishers, jingle writers, legal advisors, musicians and people who are in the business of helping songwriters get their songs "out there".

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Songsalive! Australia's monthly workshops have moved online.
Now you can attend from anywhere in the world!
Russel Neal is running periodic Zoom workshops

1st Monday of the month
Hosted by Shaun Walker and zoom host Russell Neal.

One of the best things you can do for your song, especially if you're almost finished, or have just recently finished it, is to bring it to a workshop.
Having your song listened to, and critiqued by fellow songwriters, often shows up elements which may need addressing, or extending. Sometimes, new ideas flow from the creative reactions to the song, and you find it benefits greatly from having been given a hearing before finally committing it to recording.


Songsalive! Australia is an independent songwriting community advancing Australian songwriters.
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